inspiring dance fitness classes + instructors to elevate your game 

Dance fitness lovers meet up with the nation's most empowering dance fitness leaders for an experience that will elevate your game and motivate you to the core. #GTLFTD is more than just amazing sweat sessions and dance parties. #GTLFTD is about unlocking your personal purpose through movement and learning with gifted and lifted leaders of the dance fitness community.

In 2015, the first annual #GTLFTD Dance Fitness Festival took place in Chicago. Since then, the festival has spread its wings to pop up in LA. The intent of the festival is to connect dance fitness communities across the globe to share in the joy dance brings to our lives and the empowerment that a good sweat ignites. The differences between each style of dance and each other are celebrated whole-heartedly.


Each city and event has a local flavor and unique personality. Those who are excited by travel will enjoy the adventure of a new city and the familiarity of dance fitness friends coming together. Those who are local will celebrate their home town while energizing with festival-goers from near and far. 

#GTLFTD with us in Chicago in 2021.


We are on the hunt for the 2021 #Lineup! Stay tuned.

Los Angeles here we come!
We <3 Chicago!